Ouija Board – Beatus Lignum Book Model

  • 1/4 Thick
  • Planchette with magnifier slide easily on surface.
  • PurpleHeart Wood
  • Oiled Finish and bee wax
  • Made in America


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Beatus Lignum Ouija Board
Model : Book
Made of Purpleheart wood
Dimension : 15 x 10 Inches
Thickness : 1/4

This unique piece of mystic art is design and made specialy for the one who practice spiritism.
This unique piece made in Purpleheart wood,  a very strong and solid wood

This wood is hard to work with because it is extremly solid, lots of fibers
But the result is stunning!!

Use it to communicate or to make a fantastic eye catching look in your room.
This piece will bring the attention right away.

Meaning of Beatus Lignum : Blessed wood (In old Latin)

Informations complémentaires

Wood Tone

Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Padauk, Hard Maple


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