Ouija Board – Beatus Lignum Hand Burned Model

  • 1/4 Thick
  • Cursor slide easily on surface.
  • Black Walnut Wood burned by hand
  • Oiled Finish and Coated with bee wax


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Beatus Lignum Ouija Board
Model :  Elegant Hand burned
Made in Black Walnut wood
Dimension : 16 x 11 inches
Thickness : 1/2

Ouija board made of natural walnut wood. A classic and refined look, leaving room for spirits to move the board
at their leisure throughout the playing area. Angel wings adorn the 4 corners of the board
The features of the ouijaboard are enhanced with a handmade pyrography technique
The wood is heated with an iron until it blackens. It also gives it a pleasant and soothing smell.
The finish of the ouija is done with layers of natural oil
and a layer of beeswax, to prolong the longevity of your acquisition.

Your satisfaction is our priority and we can meet your needs by adding or removing items
of the board you want. Contact us and for a small extra, add a word, a sentence, an image, a photo
or a design according to your requirement and we will produce it.

The ouija boards that you will order will be produced after receiving your order.
It will be made exclusively for you.

This unique piece of mystic art is design and made specially for the one who practice spiritism.
Hand burn. Took many hours to burn. And really worth it.
Why burning? For the Look and also,

Walnut contain “Manganese”
Manganese was use in roman time as an ingredient for “Healing”
It was also use by witches.

Use it to communicate or to make a fantastic eye catching look in your room.
This piece will bring the attention right away .
Don’t hesitate to contact us to have it customized!

Meaning of Beatus Lignum : Blessed wood (In old Latin)


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