Ouija Board – Beatus Lignum Old Barn Burned Model

  • Cursor slide easily on surface.
  • Come with planchette
  • Entirely made of wood
  • Oiled Finish
  • Coated with bee wax


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Beatus Lignum Ouija Board
Model : Old Barn burned
Made with an Old Barn plank

Dimension : 16 x 11 inches
Thickness : 1 inches

Ouija board made in a plank of an old Barn.
All the edges are sculpted following the veins of the woods
All the alphabets and elements are burned by hand to make them pop out

This piece look like it was taking out directly from a horror movie
No doubt that this piece will be wanted.

Use it to communicate or to make a fantastic eye catching look in your room.
This piece will bring the attention right away.

This board come with The planchette

Meaning of Beatus Lignum : Blessed wood (In old Latin)


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